A.J. Foster & Associates created "Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!!TM to educate speakers, trainers, entreprenuers, ministries and artists about the business of speaking.

"Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!!TM 
​has a new and improved program that will help speakers.  Our goal is to help w speakers.  Our program will be starting soon in the Texas area.

Adele J. Foster-Glenn is a multifaceted and talented entrepreneur. She will share from her experiences and industry best practices to educate speakers on how to grow their speaking business. 

Dr. Vincent Polite has a Ph.D in Psychology and a MBA in technology. 
He understands how to take information and put it on line. He is a Certified Coach and coach individuals into achieving the success they have been seeking in business. He has been very successful in helping people with their business and political campaign online.

Dr. Ann Kappel PhD has PhD in Psychology and MBA in Business Administration and a BS in Accounting. She is also a certified Christian Counselor and Certified as an Executive Coaching Facilitator. An author and speaker.

This dynamic trio will take the speaker and business arena by storm.

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