It was a pleasure and a delight to share the stage with  Dr. Jack Canfield and all the other speakers.  Not only did I get to share the stage with Dr. Jack Canfield but I really enjoyed having dinner with him the night before.  Who  would have ever imagined?  I wouldn't but I am grateful for the opportunity that A.J. Foster & Associates afforded me.

Juan Williams, CEO - Nvisionit 
Dallas, TX 
I stumbled upon Adele Foster's certification series while investigating some options for my own career development. I have to say that from Day 1 I was hooked. Adele is able to mold this class to suit any audience and it was so refreshing to meet someone who works in the Industry that is actually giving you career ideas and not just pushing rhetoric. By using some of Adele's suggestions, I've been able to successfully create a program of my own and am now in the final stages of having my company adopt it for national use. All this and more I owe to what I've learned from Adele Foster, and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

Christopher Viscito-Personal Banker
Plano, TX
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